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Qextron Nexus


The Qextron Nexus:
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The Qextron Nexus is a remote communications adapter that converts almost any printer into a high-quality, cost effective result delivery system. In addition, Nexus provides dial-out remote inquiry capability, printer sharing, phone line sharing, and up to four custom form overlays.

Qextron has designed Nexus with maximum flexibility in mind. Depending on the laboratory and clients' requirements, Nexus can be configured to satisfy the most demanding professional requirements. Nexus allows both the lab and client to make the best use of available resources, save space, and reduce the cost of electronic results delivery.

Nexus is a major departure from traditional methods of delivering laboratory results electronically. With this technology, it is now possible to use almost any printer for result delivery. Nexus allows the lab to choose between supplying an inexpensive "off the shelf" printer, or having the client utilize one of their existing office printers.

Nexus can eliminate the labs' expense of providing dedicated phone lines for result delivery. Most clients already have at least one fax line that can now be shared using the auto answer, and call routing features of Nexus. By using the clients' existing fax line, Nexus eliminates ongoing monthly phone company fees to the lab.

When Nexus is used in conjunction with a PCL5 compatible laser printer, incoming data can be overlaid on electronically generated forms, eliminating the need for costly, pre-printed forms.

Nexus solves all your remote printing communication problems with one easy to use device.

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