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Qextron Sentry System


Qextron's Sentry System

  • Automatic capture of accurate patient demographics directly from the accounts Office Management System (no contractual arrangements required between reference lab and OMS vendor)

  • Simple to use Touch Screen order entry system

  • Verification of patient demographic information

  • Verification of billing information

  • Verification of test numbers and specimen requirements

  • Verification of UPIN and provider numbers

  • Verification of CPT/ICD-9 codes

  • Prints patient specific Medicare Advance Benificiary Notice and prompts for patient signature

  • Prints bar code labels for specimens

  • Verifies specimen collected (lavender, red top, etc.) and quantity

  • Prints accessioning labels for specimens

  • Prints requisition, packing list, and daily patient log on plain paper

  • Transmits electronic requisitions to a central laboratory computer system

  • Small footprint (requires a minimum of counter or floor space)

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