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Qextron Sentry System


Qextron's Sentry System

The Qextron Sentry System utilizes a patented interface to collect patient demographic data directly from a physician's office management system. By utilizing this up-to-date billing information, the Qextron Sentry System produces an accurate laboratory requisition in as little as twenty seconds.

The Qextron Sentry System utilizes advanced technologies to simplify and streamline the order-entry process. Every element of the laboratory requisition is automatically verified for accuracy, including test-specific requirements based on the patient's billing method. To further simplify the order-entry process and reduce the errors normally associated with poor typing skills, Qextron developed an advanced Touch Screen Monitor system and virtually eliminated the keyboard.

Medical necessity requirements (CPT/ICD-9 codes) are automatically calculated and, if required, the appropriate "Advance Beneficiary Notice" will be printed. The Beneficiary Agreement includes patient demographics, test numbers, procedures, and disqualified CPT codes, with all the appropriate text and signature lines.

The Qextron Sentry System eliminates the need for costly, preprinted forms. Requisitions, laboratory results, packing slips, and reports print on plain paper. Specimen and accession labels print on thermal labels. Electronic interfaces provide for data exchange between various commercial laboratories and the Sentry System.

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